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Long-haired, bisexual guy Rocky Charles is back on Circle Jerk Boys. And I guess he enjoyed his last ass fucking session so much that he's back for more. It was actually his first time taking a bone up the ass, although certainly not his first guy-on-guy sexual experience. (See more in the Gay Demon blog Fucking Virgin Ass.) Up until his last video, Rocky always topped his partners. But he was so taken with Tucker Forrest that he thought it was only fair to let Tucker bone him since he had a go at Tucker's ass. (See more in the Gay Demon blog Bisexual Cock.) Circle Jerk Boys were hoping for an encore performance, but they knew they'd have to pony up a hot stud. So they called in Peter Stallion and his stiff cock. After some snuggling and kissing, Rocky pulls off Peter's shorts and gets to work on his cock. And I really enjoyed watching Rocky sucking Peter's cock. Peter is very aggressive, he's doesn't just lie there getting his dick sucked. After he gets warmed up he climbs on top of Rocky and fucks his face, then he stands up and feeds this kneeling cock sucker. then Peter sits back in a red, leather chair and Rocky straddles him and rides his cock. And it's a pillow-biting session as Peter pounds Rocky's tight ass.

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