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Rocky Charles is a bisexual guy who made an appearance a few weeks back on Circle Jerk Boys. His girlfriend understands his need for a little cock now and then, so she doesn't mind. Rocky prefers oral sex with guys and who wouldn't, I've never met a "straight" guy who could resist admitting that a guy's mouth feels better on his cock that a girl's. Most girls just don't know how to suck cock, if they'd learn, their men wouldn't be pretending they were bisexual to get some good head. And Rocky enjoyed his first session with Tucker that he requested another. Circle Jerk Boys was only too pleased to set them up in a locker room sequence. The guys swap blowjobs for a good long time, and Rocky seems to love giving as much as receiving. He even licks Tucker's back door. Rocky sits down on the floor, leaning against the lockers, and then, Tucker squats down on his cock. After fucking Tucker's ass all over the locker room, the two horny studs settle down on a bench; and facing one another, they jack off and spew their loads on the bench between them.

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