You know, regardless of a guy's sexual orientation, one true fact remains - stimulation of the prostate can lead to some pretty wild times. Take You Love Jack's Corey Cyhper for example here. The guys claims he's totally straight, and yet here he is in all his sweet anal glory with a vibrator touring his hungry hole. He may love getting it on with woman, but he also knows how great it feels to explore one's anus with a lubed up vibrating toy. And I don't think there are very women out there who can help him accomplish this task.


What a nice looking scrotum and butthole eh? Yeah, Corey's a real cutie and apparently said he really gets off on people watching him. A true voyeur at heart. He looks pretty tight too. I bet he has to really give that vibrator a shove to get it up there. I wonder if he needs any help?


It sure looks as though that toy is doing it's magic judging by the size and hardness of Corey's pink dick. Damn, that looks so inviting. Tasty. Being young and exploring your anus for the first time sure can be an overwhelming experience. I believe Corey is living that revelation right before our eyes.


There we are. Corey released a nice load there. I love his lithe, naturally muscled bod. That little tattoo adds just the right amount of charisma too. I'm kinda new to You Love Jack, but I think they're on to something here if they put up dudes like Corey here. More more more I say!

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