Billy's Perv Website ("for your stroking pleasure!") has a refreshing and simple title which describes the site perfectly. Billy is dedicated to presenting hot pictures from all sorts of very creative sources - including asking for iPhone submissions in his comments sections of posts. In the blog section, he gives some instructions on how to post the pics - as if that many needed the help - and then he shows us the money. But the overall website itself is quite something. It has a large forum population of active posters, contains oodles of pictures and videos from amateur studs the world over. In short, it teems with material for the hungriest surfer. The photo section, for example, has hundreds of solo and grouped pictures featuring sex and more sex, hard on's, and masturbation by the truckload. The vid section also teems with entries, all sexy as shit and all featuring hot guys doing each other. This is a website which in many ways is as large as any I have seen. I made it in via the blog, of course, but I found from further surfing that it is a huge portal for members. Since this is not a review site, I won't say much more other than to mention even if it were just the blog, it would be one killer destination.

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