Bill in Exile

Bill in Exile was originally written as an exchange of letters between the author and his best friend Bill who was sentenced to jail time for selling drugs. As a prison letter-writing exchange it has huge relevance for more people than we ever imagined. As a human, one cannot read the evocative letters without feeling a rush of sympathy for, actually, both parties. Mistakes get made, people reflect on them, but the pain of "doing time" is unique and nearly indescribable outside of what we can interpret from writings. In the meantime, what the author of this blog has done - as is the case of many blogs - is that he has adapted - this one quite satisfyingly morphed into something totally sexy and totally political at the same time. I personally enjoy this combination of idealism, irritation and its intersection with red hot sex. When you add the poignancy of the letters between these guys, you come up with a true slice of life, lived by a very interesting man. Absolutely well-written and fascinating all the time, this blog stays modern and topical and breathes a certain rawness and intelligence which we can all admire. This dude tells it pretty much as he sees it, having lost - one assumes - many pretensions about life's expectations after enduring some of the harsher and less fair realities. He has soul, a heart and a very cool grasp on events and attitudes. I love this blog.

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