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Troy Daniels is a good-looking executive who has been looking for a rough scene. In the back of his mind he's been fantasizing about being dominated, but just hasn't found the right opportunity. Tonight, while cruising online, the perfect opportunity landed in his lap. Cliff Jensen is a ripped and tall biker, and he's already ready to put some novice through a nasty training session for Bound Gods.

When Cliff arrives he throws his backpack on the coffee table. "What's in the bag," Troy asked. Jensen hauls out his equipment and Troy starts to get a little nervous. But before Troy has a chance to change his mind, Cliff orders the executive to strip out of his work clothes. Cliff binds Troy's hands behind his back with duct tape. Restrained, Troy is now helpless as Cliff mummifies his head and chest. Cliff leaves Troy lying on the floor while rigging up a rope sling, then returns to get started with Troy's training session.

Troy is forced to suck Cliff's big cock. Then Cliff removes the duct take and plastic wrap from Troy's head. Troy lies back and Cliff clamps Troy's foreskin. The clips are attached to strings, which are wrapped around his toes. "You want my dick up your ass?" Cliff barks. Troy begs for Cliff's dick and with his legs hoisted in the air, Troy gets his ass fucked. He needs to keep his legs steady though or those clamps tug on his foreskin.

Then Cliff hang Troy in the rope sling and fucks his ass brutally. Cliff resents these good-boy types who have everything, and he loves taking out his frustration on them. After fucking the hell out Troy's ass, Cliff spews his big load all over this blond-haired bottom. He unties him, throws his dirty underwear on Troy's face and leaves. Troy lies back and jerks off while snorting on this biker's shorts. It's not long before he's blasted his load across his smooth belly. Head over to Bound Gods and watch this preview video of this nasty BDSM session.

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