Axel Ryder is back with a vengeance. Not only that, but coupled with hot Collin Oneal bottom Bijan, he plows ass like a man possessed. When I first saw Axel I thought for sure I had died and gone to gay hardcore heaven. Even seeing this monster-cocked musclebear alone was enough to get the jizz flying. But this scenario here is the stuff legends are made of. And that is exactly what Axel and Bijan do in this fantastic shoot. Make history. Axel's cock is just the way I like it - thick, uncut and hard as a piece of high-tempered steel. I do believe I would serve this man my ass on a silver platter if he wanted it.


Bijan is one lucky hombre to have Axel's talented tongue rimming his hole in preparation for the big man's fuck tool. As you'll see from these images and the free video gallery, these two hunks of meat are quite into each other.


Taking the plunge! Yeah man, Bijan is about to experience the fuck of a lifetime I think. I know that he's been with some pretty hot guys before but Axel is 150% beast. Check out that cock as it prepares to pierce Bijan's hole. I want some. Now!


Now I'm teasing the hell out of you. He He. I sure can be evil he? Well don't fret guys. Collin Oneal has this wonderful scenario down on film for us. Just hit that link down below and see what all the fuss is about. Believe me when I say that no matter how jaded you may be your boner will be harder than if you took an overdose of Viagra while viewing this. Enjoy!

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