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Paul Wagner is a hot, hairy hunk. He's cute and he's packing some beef. But he's also a big loser. With the record of 0-3 on Naked Kombat, Paul Wagner is hungry for a win. Around the gym he's starting to be known as The Mat because he's gotten his ass fucked on the mats so often. He's got to win today. He's hoping that he's learned a think or two in his previous matches and he can turn around this losing streak.

Hayden Russo is entering the wrestling ring for the first time and with his four years of boxing experience, he's confident he's going to be fucking Wagner's ass by the end of this match. The guys are pretty even throughout the first two rounds, wrestling first in their Speedos, then in their jockstraps. But when Paul rips Hayden out of his jockstrap and the naked wrestling round begins, this hairy hunk really takes off. Paul pins Hayden to the floor, straddling his chest Paul's stiffening cock is only inches from Hayden's face. I guess you'd say he's staring defeat in the face.

In the end, Hayden goes down. And it's kind of too bad because he's got a deliciously fat cock and I sure would have like to see it sliding in and out of Paul's beefy ass. But seeing Hayden down on all fours, isn't a bad view either. First, there's the large Celtic tattoo on his back, it takes up his whole back. It's very cool. Second, Paul's pretty hung himself, so watching his big cock pumping Hayden's hairy hole was pretty hot. And third, Hayden's big, fat cock looks really good in Paul's hand. Head over to Naked Kombat and watch the free preview video.

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guys wrestling

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guys wrestling

guys wrestling

guys wrestling

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