Okay, if you are a size queen, then yeah, bigger is indeed better, but this isn't about your penis size or love of a big long thick dick. It is how we all seem to think that because something is 'bigger' it is somehow better, like Google for example.

When Google started out, it had a simple goal. To list all of the web pages floating around out there, and to make it easier for us ordinary folks to find the pages we wanted, with the minimum of fuss. Now that sounds good, would be a real treat too, except something got lost in the drive to be the biggest search engine out there.

Today Google has the Search Engine market cornered, but they also have YouTube, their own web browser, Google Chrome, and a whole host of other things, like Google Ads. There are Google Groups, and even their Picassa picture sharing program and organizer. Google Desktop to supposedly make your searching for stuff on your computer easier, but it is always busy sending info to Google, to better help serve you.

Just what is it that they are sending? Do you really know? I mean they say it is nothing private, but then why is the Government so interested in grabbing a copy of their Database? Think about that for a few seconds.

And what about their main mission? You know, to index every web page and make it easy to find. So just how easy was it to find this place, by typing in Directory, or Gay Sex?

For example, there are 25,600,000 listing just for gay sex. So just how accurate is that list? How the hell is anyone supposed to find what they want, going through that many listings, and then when you look at the listings, there are news articles in it, religious rantings about how evil gay sex is, and so just how relevant is the damn list?

Okay, so you have to 'drill down' to get to what you want, but the fact is, because of its huge size, its huge goal really, many have taken advantage and just pop in the words, even though they have nothing to do with the topic. Like how many times have you clicked on a link, when searching for 'big uncut dicks' and get a page loaded with big boobs staring at you?

I am not talking about she-males or tranny's either, but real women, and yet according to Google, they have the most complicated program, to insure that the surfer gets the sites they are actually searching for. Uh huh, like how does big boobs satisfy my search for big dicks?

As a kid, I was always told, do one job, do it to your best ability. So what happened, when did having a video sharing site, having your own web browser, become part of the 'search' business? Maybe instead of trying to compete with Microsoft for the browser market, instead of competing with Yahoo for social networking, Google should get back to basics and make it so when I search for Big Dicks, I don't get sites touting naked women, or bubble butt twinks, but guys with big dicks, PERIOD.

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