This is Kaio Felipe and he's a stripper / dancer. And that's his 9.5-inch cock. Now a 9-inch cock is already quite impressive, but imagine putting it on a 5'7" man. Geezuz ... how does the boy walk? Wow, it's beautiful. It's long, it's thick, and it even has a measuring spot to let you know when you're halfway. :) When Kaio's cock is soft, it's really not that impressive. I don't mean to be disparaging, but it really is just a normal looking uncut cock. It's always surprising to me that a 4-inch soft cock, covered in foreskin can suddenly, within a minute or two, spring into this 9.5-inch monster. It's marvelous. And Kaio is definitely a grower. And all those years of dancing have rendered Kaio's body into one lean and well-muscled machine. His six pack of abs are amazing. But I think my favourite part of this Bang Bang Boy is a round, tight, slightly furry ass and his big beefy thighs. Yes sir, I can imagine those wrapped around my head with no problem. Kaio is the latest muscular update at Bang Bang Boys, and you'll want to see more of him.

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