David is a sexy Frenchman who has joined the Men at Play suited up men. He's featured in a bit of a fun gallery where he starts off in a pair of jeans and white socks. He's standing in front of a washing machine and he strips out of his casual clothes and throws them in the washer. He puts on a dress shirt, and then, swaps one white sock for a black one, and then, he does the other foot. While his jeans are getting a bit of a clean-up, David continues with his own clean up, doning a dress shirt, then a tie, finally dress slacks and a suit jacket. He's finally completed his transformation and he's sitting on top of the washer, but I guess the vibrations got his cock stirring. No sooner is he suited up than he's pulling his hard cock out of his trousers and playing with himself. When he first pulls his cock out of his zipper, I'm duly impressed -- it's a nice, fat piece of meat. I was expecting to see some foreskin because he's French, but his cock is already semi-hard so his foreskin his pulled back behind his cock head. It wasn't until I saw this picture that I was truly impressed. Look at that fucking fat cock head. It's truly has you opening wide just to see if you think you could get it all in your mouth.

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