As most of us know, big watches have been a gay fashion statement for a while now. It may be a bit of a strange "fetish" if you will, but there are those of us who believe a large watch looks great on a man. Especially a rough and tumble type stud. Big Watch Boiz is a site featuring the cartoonish works of a gay UK male by the name of Jacob. When it comes to portraying great charichatures, this guy is one of the best. Construction workers, gang toughs, skakeboarders, they're all here in vivid detail and in a unique signature. The site itself is very easy to navigate with all the links you need at the top of each page. You surely don't want to miss out on Jacob's gallery - even if you aren't interested in buying any of his art. It's worth it just to go and check out what he can do and have some fun. Believe me.

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