Big Thick Cock

I love it when photographers give us something to look at, getting in really close and letting us study a big thick cock. This is Logan and he's a 24-year-old British guy who stopped by UK Naked Men to pull out his cock. And what a beautiful piece of meat! Logan is sporting an 8-inch uncut cock. Unfortunately he was so excited by the photo shoot that we never do get to see it soft. Disappointing since I love looking at uncut cocks when they're soft. They have so much character and you never know what they're going to look like. Is the foreskin going to be tight and covering the whole cock head? Or is the guy's fat cock head going to be straining under a tight piece of foreskin? But I don't mind too much since Logan's got a beautiful, juicy, thick cock. And as he holds his meat in his hand, this purplish cock head glistens with sweat and precum. His big, low hanging balls swing freely between his legs as he pumps his dick in his hand.



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