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I'm always impressed with a man who can show off just as much cock soft or hard. Sure, it's always a surprise when a big, solid erection springs from a 3-inch softie; but let's face, wouldn't we all rather look at an 8-inch big meaty cock hanging heavily between a man's legs. Watching it flop from side to side as the owner saunters off to the gym's showers, or walking confidently and without a towel down the bathhouse hallway and turning heads. Max is one of the latest masculine men stripping naked over at Butch Dixon. And as you can see, Max is definitely a grower and a shower. As he sits naked in an office chair, his pendulous cock lies across the black leather. And that cock head! What a beautifully plump cap. Can you imagine slobbering all over that thing? When Max starts stroking his cock it doesn't get much longer, but it sure does get thicker and harder. Look at him holding his big dick in his hand, he's looking for a horny cock sucker to take care of his growing problem!

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