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Hellll-oooo Zeke!!! The first thing I noticed about Zeke was his beautiful face, and Zeke is definitely a good-looking guy with piercing blue eyes, a square jaw, and an uncomfortable smile. But let's get right to the point -- Zeke has a mouth-watering, meaty cock. Look at the way it hangs so heavily in the first collage photo. With my head buried in his crotch, I wouldn't be spending much time looking at Zeke's face, that's for sure! How lucky is Jeff to be paired up with this well-hung stud? A year or so ago, blond-haired Jeff was faced with his first-time, guy-on-guy sex, and I remember watching him lying back nervously while one of the Corbin Fisher alumni sucked his cock. Jeff was so uneasy about the whole thing that he established a rule: No contact above the shoulders. (Check out the Gay Demon blog detailing that first time -- Blond Jock Gets Blown.) A year later, not only is Jeff kissing another guy, but he's giving him a blowjob, rimming his ass, and letting his buddy shoot in his mouth! Boy, time and a lot of Benjamins sure changes a straight guy's perspective. And Zeke does just fine in his first-ever, gay-sex scene. He does it all -- well almost all -- he gets his first blowjob from a guy, kisses another guy, fucks a guy's ass, and squirts his first load of juice into his buddy's mouth. It won't be long before Zeke is pile driving in one of those nasty Corbin Fisher five-man gang bangs.

Whether we were going to see him in any action with another guy was very much up in the air, though. I'd talked to him about the idea of doing a vid with another guy, and he caught me off-guard by how chilly his response was. He wasn't freaked out by the idea, nor was he super excited about how much money I was willing to offer him to give it a shot. Indeed, his reaction to the offer was almost impossible to read! He said he'd consider it for awhile and I really had no clue which way he was leaning as he thought about it. I assumed it was a lost cause and was terribly disappointed at the thought we might not get to see this stud in action with another CF guy.

When Zeke finally did decide to give it a go and tell me, he was just as hard to read at that point. He so matter-of-factly said, "OK" that I stood there for a second thinking he was going to say more. "OK, no thanks"?! "OK, I'll do it"?! Which was it?! That was it, though. "OK."

"OK... yes?" I asked.

"Ya", he responded.

Well... OK!! :)

He was willing to give it a shot, and I was eager to make it happen! I never even really considered anyone other than Jeff to be the one to break Zeke in! Zeke has himself a nice, big, curved dick and Jeff has proven himself to be quite skilled at getting fucked - it's clear he enjoys how it feels and his facial expressions (along with the noises he makes while it's happening!) are just too hot. So the prospect of seeing Jeff take on Zeke's big dick and see how Zeke would react to another guy as good looking and as masculine as he is so thoroughly enjoying being on the receiving end of his dick was too good to pass up.

At the outset of this video, you can see how Zeke is a man of few words, yet with a pair of bright blue eyes that often clue you into what's going on in his head. Though he was obviously a bit shy and nervous, his eyes show a bit of playfulness and inquisitiveness. It was like he couldn't help but wonder how it was going to be, as well as getting a kick out of the fact that it was happening at all.

I was definitely getting quite the kick out of it all, as well, and was having a blast capturing it all on camera!

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