It's funny how you look at some men and your gaydar gives you absolutely nothing. I think that's really hot. Like Rusty here from Bear Films. Rusty looks like the kind of man you'd expect to see walking around a WalMart in Viddles Hollow, West Virginia. Pushing a shopping cart with his overweight wife and four kids in tow. The kind of man who wears a long-sleeved work shirt and a pair of jeans in the middle of July because he's too afraid to show anyone his body. The last place I'd expect to see a big bear like Rusty is on Bear Films. And I guess that's kind of cool because it means that we're breaking down the barriers and stereotypes. It means that all kinds of men are embracing their gayness and don't feel the need to fit into a certain mould. Rusty has a football player's build - he's beefy solid. And he has the most amazing ass. He's a big man -- not fat, just very solid -- and his butt his beefy and round. The kind of ass you just want to get down on your knees and hug. His firey red hair and beard and green eyes just scream "Irishman." And he's got a great cock -- not long, but really thick at the base -- and he keeps his balls shaved. This big masculine bear reminds me of why I love Bear Films so much.

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