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"My name is Tanner. I'm 21. I'm here to jerk off for you today." That's how Tanner opens his first Corbin Fisher video. And what a cute guy; he's adorable! Corbin Fisher has been trying to get Tanner and his cock over to the studio for over a year now. And when they finally made the arrangements, Tanner had to back out. But once they reconnected and scheduled a new date, Tanner couldn't get over how he'd be jacking off for thousands of guys -- the notion really turned him on! When Tanner first gets naked, he's all potatoes and no meat. He's packing a pair of the biggest low-hanging balls I've seen in a while, and he doesn't shave his pubes, so Tanner's soft cock gets lost amongst all the distractions. But within seconds of stripping naked, his dick is pointing towards the sky, and it's not lost any more. When Tanner is close to firing off a load, he spreads a dark-blue, Corbin Fisher towel on the sofa in front of him, and then, he covers it with his spunk! It's a hot sight!

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