Big Uncut Cock

I think I'm in love. This is Sam and he's the latest British stud to strip naked at UK Naked Men. Isn't he adorable? He's got a beautiful face and piercing green eyes. I love guys who look a little unusual and Sam sure fits the bill. He's sporting a fauxhawk that he's coloured blonde; and he's wearing a number of piercings - his ears, his nose, and his lips. I've never kissed a guy with a lip piercing before and the thought turns me on. I was taken enough with Sam's good looks, but when he stripped off his jeans and I saw his big uncut cock, I was really excited. I love foreskin and Sam has a long cock that's completely covered in foreskin. His shaft his veiny and his cock head is completely covered up, not even a tip showing. His foreskin forms a perfect tube at the end of his cock, you'd have to slide your tongue in there and start digging deep for his sensitive cock head. In this gallery Sam plays with his foreskin, too, tugging and stretching it as far as he can. This stiffens his cock and in not time at all, his pole is rock hard. Even when he's completely hard his foreskin still covers a good part of his cock head. Sam continues to tease us, jacking his stiff prick and juicing up his plump crown.

Foreskin Play

Hard Uncut Cock

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