big hairy bear

Pantheon Bear is still a fairly young bear porn site, it got started about a year ago. But week after week, they deliver some of the hottest hairy men, like this big hairy bear. Brick Hampton is a sexy, good-looking daddy bear. Brick's bald head is a big turn-on for me and I love his red beard with grey hair along the chin. And those blue eyes, fuck they're hot.

Brick likes to cool off by the pool, but he's just as willing to heat up in the water with some bear-on-bear action. I imagine myself slipping out of my clothes and sliding into the pool with him, snuggling up close to him while he wraps those big manly arms around me. Brick's got a broad and beefy chest and he's packing a nice, big, hairy belly. And if you like beefy asses, take a look at Brick's - fuck, I'd love grabbing two fists full of those beefy cheeks.

Head over to Pantheon Bear and watch Brick playing naked in the pool.

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