I'm an ass and a leg man. I love nothing more than a big set of beefy thighs and a hot ass. Tru here has both and he's featured on a new site that I discovered a couple of weeks ago called The Guy Site. (I don't think the site is all that new, I just discovered it.) Tru is a good-looking guy with a sexy pair of blue eyes and beautiful, kissable lips. He's got a bit of a chin dimple, and since this was shot at the end of the day, he's sporting some face scruff -- five o'clock shadow. Tru has a stocky, but solid body, and he's hairy in all the right spots. He's got a darker patch of hair that starts on his breast bone and continues right down to his cock, fanning out both across his chest and his belly. It's quite hot! But the best part of Tru has got to be his ass and his legs. There are a few shots of him lying on his stomach; the lucking camera man is obviously positioned between Tru's legs, and he's giving us a spectacular view of this guy's big, beefy thighs and the two perfect, hairy mounds that make up his ass. Both his thighs and his big, beefy butt are covered in hair. And the hair continues up across the small of his back. Tru also has a scar that starts at the top of his ass crack and continues right up his spine to the middle of his back. In this video clip, Tru kicks back on a couch and gets his dick nice and hard for us, and there's also a hot showering scene.

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