Oh, my god - it looks like Miami Boyz has found a real winner this time! His name is Voltaire and he's a 19 year old cuban boy, and the guys from Miami Boyz say he has THE fattest cock either of them have ever seen! Voltaire is straight, but he says when he's at the gym he does sometimes notice guys peeking at his equipment. And can you blame them? I'm sure I'd be looking - I mean, just LOOK at that thing! That is one gorgeous thick piece of uncut meat he's got there.

Votaire seems a little doubtful as he strips for his shoot, but talk about a tentpole. He boxers must be 10 inches away from his body - well, almost. Voltaire says his meat missile is 9.5 inches long.


Even soft, that is one thick latino cock. It looks ready to be sucked, the foreskin caressing the head. And more good news is that, unlike a lot of guys, Voltaire doesn't shave his pubes.


You can see it's no exaggeration when I say that Voltaire has a true monster cock. I bet after he's done fucking his girlfriend she can't sit down comfortably all day, and I'm sure there are a lot of us here who'd love to try out that gigantic rod!


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