I figured I'd leave you with a nice, big, fat, uncut cock for the weekend. It is gorgeous, isn't it? This is Marcio and he's one of the hot, oiled up muscle boys from Bang Bang Boys, a new Latino muscle site. Most of the guys on this site are South American, Brazilian I beleive. Marcio stands 6' tall and he's 29 years old, but it's bio says that uncut cock of his is only 7.5" -- hmmm, I think someone's ruler was broken, or maybe they measured it when he was soft. Marcio has a beautifully pumped up body. There's just not an ounce of fat on him. His upper body is strong, his shoulders are sculpted, even his forearms are sinewy and tight. He's got a ripped six pack, although I think it's more of an eight pack. Marcio takes a break in the middle of the shoot and eats an ice cream sundae, which of course he magages to spill all over his chest. What a shame! Now he's all dirty. The caramel sauce looks delicious as it streams down his tight torso and drips off the end of his fat uncut cock -- now that's a dessert worth breaking your diet for. Fuck! You've got to see this.

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