You know, people go on and on about black guys and their big cocks, but inch for inch and pound for pound, I'm betting my money on the Latino guys. Black guys may have big, long cocks, but I think Latino guys have much fatter cocks - and they usually have foreskin! And I don't know about you, but I'll take a fat cock any day. A fat cock just feels so much better. The feeling lingers for a couple of days and you know you've been boned. Anthony Vela here is making an appearance over at Hot Desert Knights and when I saw that thick, uncut monster cock of his, I just knew I had to parade it over here. I mean, it's just one of those dicks that you're not sure you're going to be able to handle. But come hell or high water, you're going to die trying to stuff that thing up your butt. Anthony's got a lot of pictures in his gallery, so you get to see that big, fat Latino cock from every angle conceivable. He's also available in three different videos. Which reminds me, I have a date with my DVD player.

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