Harry and his big fat cock are back at UK Naked Men. Harry is one of their most popular guys, and every time he shows up on the site, he creates a ruckus. And I guess he would; with a 9 inch, super fat, uncut cock he's got a lot to offer. In this gallery, Harry shows up to the UK Naked Men studios wearing his suit. He looks so sexy with his spiky hair and few day's worth of face scruff, it's a nice contradiction to the fine suit. Harry peels off his jacket, loosens his tie, and unbuttons his dress shirt. His rock solid torso is absolutely scrumptious - hard pecs and ripped six pack abs, and all covered with a very fine and light dusting of hair. He slides his pants down and fishes his huge cock through the leg hole of his underwear. It's rock hard and sticking straight out in the air just waiting for some cock sucker to come along and slide that juicy foreskin back over his cock head. By the end of the gallery, Harry has both fists wrapped around his big fat cock and he's tugging like it's the last jerk off he'll ever have. And if you like Harry, there's a lot more of him on UK Naked Men, including several hardcore videos where he's using that huge tool on a couple of cock hungry bottoms.



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