What a way to ring in 2008 - with a really big dick! When Zach sent his pics in to Blake Mason, the pics made him look kind of menacing. So what was the reason they called him to do a shoot? Well, as you can see for yourself, Zach has what it takes to get noticed in the adult industry - an impressively long cock! On the phone, Zach was shy and quiet, and he couldn't wait to come down and make his porn debut, so they made arrangements to meet up at the studio. In person, Zach was quiet and very nervous till the cameras got rolling.

In front of the camera, Zach is another person entirely. He warmed up, became comfortable and friendly and had no problem showing himself off for the video. Here's his amateur ass just before his briefs came off...


... and here's Zach's uncut cock as he gets it ready for his big debut. He used plenty of lube, and right after this pic was taken, it became clear that Zach NEEDED lots of lube - he's definitely a grower.


Once Zach was lubed up, he had no problem at all getting hard and staying that way. He's an absolute natural and loved stroking his big piece of meat for the camera!


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