twink dicks

Okay, technically the cocks on twink bodies are twink cocks, but they just feel stuck on somehow. Unexpected. Even confusing. What's he going to do with the thing? Squirt cum on himself like hair gel? Hang his hand-washed designer bikini underwear on his cock to dry? Suck himself off because twinks are so bendy?

Nah, some twinks are tops and totally know what to do with their cocks. Earn money. Or at least get a daddy to buy them dinner. Man, I have a lot of twink stereotypes!

Massive cock is massive cock no matter who it's on. Today's twink is tomorrow's daddy so it's good to invest in a twink. Pick one that doesn't have a lot of wear and tear. Because bonking a twink that's worn down is pretty much like bonking Justin Bieber. Unforgettable. No matter how hard you try.

Probably the best part of big twink dick is how it looks in relation to tiny twink waist. As in it looks bigger. And yummy. Yummy's a word twinks like right? And lollipop? And cut-offs? And peroxide? And sneakers? I'm really trying to speak the language of twinks: emoticonese. :) ROFFASHT (rolling on floor fucking a skinny hung twink) #ROFFASHT. Is this how the twinks speak today? And does twink cum taste sweeter?

Soooo very many hung twinks!

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