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Jason Vault is a hot muscle hunk and he's hanging out in Lucas Entertainment's dungeon waiting for someone to play with. When Johnny Venture walks in, Jason knows that he wants this stud. The only thing standing between Johnny and Jason are some jail bars. Johnny stands a few feet away and pulls out his beer-can thick cock and stokes it teasingly, then he bends over and fingers his butt hole. All the while, Jason is jerking his own stiffening cock.

Johnny gets down on his knees and feeds Johnny his cock through the bars. Then Johnny does the same. After getting Johnny's fat meat down his throat, Jason has to feel that thing plunging into his hungry butt hole. So he lies back and Johnny opens him up with a dildo. Probably a considerate thing to do since taking Johnny's dick without some warm-up is never going to be an easy thing.

After pounding Jason's ass with his fat monster cock, Johnny splooges all over Jason's face, then the muscle stud lets his sperm loose across Johnny's beautiful face.

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