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Dane King is a dancer with a tight body and a huge cock. Ivo Rocchi is a cute, Italian guy with a small, tight butt and he loves getting fucked. Bentley Race filmed these two studs in a bareback fucking session, and Ben says that this is one of the hottest scenes he's ever caught on video!

Dane and Ivo get playful as Bentley Race starts filming. They joke around a bit and then settle in for a long blowjob swapping session. Dane's cock is big and it's really a turn-on watching Ivo shoving that thing down his throat. Ivo's got a nice cock, too; it's just not as big as Dane's. And that's alright because Ivo is really in the mood to get fucked, as he almost always is.

After sucking Dane's big dick, Ivo lies back on the sofa and Dane starts inching his huge fuck pole into Ivo's ass. They're not using condoms, they prefer fucking bareback. Ivo moans as Dane fills up his butt. Then Dane bends Ivo over the sofa and has another go at his ass. Ivo takes a hard fucking, but you can tell by his expression that Dane's huge cock is a challenge. Dane is a dancer, so he's strong; and he even lifts Ivo and holds him in a standing position, all the while bouncing Ivo on his big, stiff cock. I can see why Bentley Race said this was one of his hottest videos ever, these two studs really know how to fuck.

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