I do love a man with a big set of bull balls. Ace Malone here is a hairy bear cub who has found his way into the galleries of Bear Films. He's an 18-year-old cub from Las Vegas, Nevada, but he was photographed during one of the Bear Films's cruises. Ace begins his photoshoot wearing a t-shirt and a black kilt. He's leaning over the edge of the cruise ship looking across the ocean. And it's not long before we find out what's underneath his kilt. Ace sits down on the deck and spreads his legs. His kilt falls in folds between his legs. He takes off his shirt and reveals a moderately hairy chest sporting a couple of bear paw tattoos. And then Ace starts to tug at his kilt, revealing more and more of what's between his legs, which are very hairy. When he finally hikes up that kilt, he's showing off a big set of bull balls. Now some guys have loose, low hanging ball sacs, but Ace has a really big set of nuts, too. More than a handful, and definitely more than a mouthful. But either way, they'd be a lot of fun to play with. Ace jacks off a huge load of cum all over his hairy belly and he squirts right up the center of his torso, almost hitting right between his pecs.

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