Big Bulge

Don't you find that the tease is just as hot, if not hotter? I dated a guy once for six weeks before we had sex, and when we finally did it was pretty amazing. But those six weeks and the anticipation were off the charts. Knowing that we had decided to wait for a few weeks meant that when we kissed we could really enjoy that kiss. We put everything we had into it because that was all we were going to get. Dating without sex was one of the hottest experiences of my life. And likewise, look at that bulge. Can you imagine being told to get down on your knees and you can do anything you want to that big bulge, you just can't release his cock - you can't feel his naked cock with any part of your body. What would you do? I'd snuzzle his cock and balls with my nose and lips to get a sense for the size of his tool. I'd lick the fabric of the jockstrap and tease his cock, making it good and hard, feeling it swells beneath the fabric. I'd rub my bald head along the underside of his balls and make them feel good, too. Fuck, I'd even bend over and grind my naked ass into his bulge, making sure I spread my cheeks wide and let that fat jockstrapped cock rub up and down my ass crack. Oh there's a lot you can do to cock without actually touching it, you just have to use your imagination. And with a huge fucking bulge like this, the ideas just flood in.

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