Venice Cub is a blast from Bear Films past. Every week Bear Films highlights three of the hot hairy men and bears that they've featured in past updates. And Venice Cub is a big, beefy, hairy bear cub. It's always interesting to me how men define themselves as bears or cubs. And really, it's all about self-definition. If you identify as a cub, then you're a cub because there are no hard and fast rules. Well, there are a few, but as soon as you make the list, you'll find a man who doesn't meet the criteria. For instance, cubs are usually younger, hairy men, hairy, with or without facial hair, smaller in body size, and there's a cuteness about them. Venice Cub is a perfect contradiction. I'd classify him as a bear because he looks older, he's got the body size of a bear, he's hairy all over and he has facial hair. He does have a certain cuteness about him, but still, I'd call him a bear not a cub. However, Venice Cub calls himself a cub, so there you go. Regardless Venice Cub is featured bathing in an pool of water by the ocean, and no matter how you look at it, a wet bear or cub is hot!

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