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Lang is a big, beefy, blond hunk. He's straight, but doesn't mind stripping naked and showing off for the cameras. He lost his virginity in his Dad's truck one day after school. They had oral sex and he ended up fucking her doggy style. This straight stud is single right now, but he gets laid on a regular basis. When he does jerk off, one of the fantasies that gets him to the end is a situation involving his best friend. Lang was at a party and lured this girl back to his room with the promise of more alcohol. Fifteen minutes into their fucking session, Lang's best friend walked in. This girl was on top of Lang and riding his cock, so his best friend pulled out his cock and she sucked his dick while fucking Lang's dick.

And Lang was okay with that. Hmmm ... sounds to me like we'll be seeing Lang in some hot threeway action on Corbin Fisher some time soon. He loves busting his nut in a girl's mouth, and I'm sure if Lang is horny enough, he won't mind shooting his load in a guy's mouth, either.

Lang starts stripping and takes off his shirt to reveal his beefy chest. He hits the gym four times a week. He loves working his back and arms and says that he gets a lot of compliments. Lang hasn't jacked off in a week, so he's overdo. He leans back on the bed and his fat cock is already standing at attention. He lubes up his dick and slowly starts stroking it. He stands in a mirror and watches himself jerk his big-nobbed cock. While pumping his cock, he rubs his chest; he even grabs a fistful of ass and really gets into it. He picks up the pace and starts pounding his cock faster, then he blasts a thick load of cum all over his belly. I'm wondering if he was thinking about that threeway he had with his best friend. Head over to Corbin Fisher and see more of this big, beefy blond stud.

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