Bears come in all shapes and sizes and these two big bears have found love -- at least for the moment. Haus Benz and Bryan Bowman are two of the latest additions to the Bear Films gang of hairy men and bears. And these two men are hot for another. You can tell from the moment you open their gallery that this is more than a casual sex encounter. Haus and Bryan spend a long time kissing and nuzzling in one another's beards. Their big hairy bellies rubbing together as they embrace and kiss passionately. Furry faces, tattoos, plenty of big boy beef, wild sexual energy, these two occasional fuck buddies put on quite the show. The smaller of the two men (I don't know which one is which) has a great big, sexy woodsman beard. It's fucking hot. And he's very cute. There's no fucking in this gallery, these two big bears just enjoy kissing, sucking nipples, sucking cock, and embracing one another before they both jack off together at the end and let their splooge fly.

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