big balls

A big balls peep show is totally what I want. Put your quarter in the slot. Curtain goes up. And. It's. Balls.

They do so much. Push out the dick to make a true bulge. Hang down a tight jean leg oh so obviously. Stretch and flex and bounce and tease and look so good. Balls should not be ignored.

Ever seen a guy showering at the gym and see his balls even in rear view. His legs spread just right and that beautiful pair hanging. Or ever suck a guy's balls while he presses his cock against your face? Yeah, that's a thing.

Plus big balls can mean a dick spews big. Not all that ejaculate comes from the balls of course. I took pornographic male anatomy in college. Cowper's gland, y'all! Thank you for the knowledge West Hollywood Community College. Or was it that West Hollywood Community College men's room? My diploma's somewhere though it got kinda messy. Balls can do that.

And what would a post about balls be without this gem from John Waters' Pecker that brought us an oh-so-special term you may recognize (and hopefully experience)?

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