big and beefy amateur guy gay porn audition

Rowan is a big and beefy Londoner with a hairy body, tattoos and a shaved head that give him a rough look. He's got the goodies to go with it, too, including a pierced eyebrow and the kind of muscles you only develop from working and sweating regularly at the gym. Rowan actually seems pretty intimidating - he's the kind of guy you might expect to be working for a debt collector with the mob, but he's actually a super nice dude despite the fact that he's actually won bouts of competitive cage fighting. He seems to be having a good time showing off that masculine body and stroking till he shoots his load, and I notice that unlike other guys who get naked on camera at First Auditions, no one tries to get Rowan to go any further than he's comfortable - and can you blame them?

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