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Over the past couple for months a lot of celebs have been telling the youth around the world that is does "get better" and that if you are bullied now it won't last forever. So for a special edition of The Gay Gab, we'll take a look at what the peeps over at FCKH8 are doing to eradicate hate from schools all across the U.S and around the entire world!

FCKH8 gets straight, gay, lesbian, whatever sexuality, together for a common purpose - to school everyone on why bullying is fucking wrong, fucking ridiculous and fucking unnecessary. You will get told big time by watching their video on how lame it is to hate on the gays accompanied by potty mouthed 12 year olds and trannies with more 'tude than LaQuisha on crack!

You can get t-shirts, hoodies, pins with a FCKH8 logo and of course the brand new STR8 Against H8 calendar full of 12 hunky dudes that look hot every month of the year! Trust me that this is reason enough alone to help out! All proceeds go to help fund queer youth counseling and suicide prevention.

It's time to speak up against homophobia and now is a better time than ever to say to all the haters out there that we ain't gonna fucking take it anymore! Nuff said!

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