Now this is a nice looking blog! You will love the blue on black colour scheme and find it easy on the eyes. I sure do. Blogs and blogs of men are listed here. Featured are 4 categories of 598 blogs by 1887 members in 99 countries. Not bad huh? That's a hell of a lot of men! Your category choices are "Bi", "Gay", "Neutral" and "Straight". BMB is free to join and you can even interact with other members while checking out the massive collection of cool all-male sites. Get the scoop on the latest hot blogs and search through the many links to all kinds of free male related sites. No fetish or fantasy is left out here, which should please most anybody from what I can see. Check out "The Best Of The Best" for some of the greates blogs dedicated to man that you will ever see. See what blogs are the most popular and what others recommend. Take part in the polls and let your opinion be known about what blogs you prefer. There's a lot to do on the site, along with enough men to keep any horny surfer happy.

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