TJ and Ben have been best buds for years, and this week on Corbin Fisher, they're taking things to a whole new level. And this isn't just two friends sitting side by side on the couch and jacking off. They touch, kiss, lick, suck, and get one another off with intense, full contact! The way these guys interact as this video kicks off is priceless, and it is obvious there's a great deal of nervousness, anxiety and tension as things start up. Once the video was finished filming, Ben admitted to Corbin Fisher that he had thought about doing this with TJ for a long time. But he was nervous to try anything. They had been best friends for so long. And when either of them were horny, they'd go out together hunting for chicks. They have each appeared on Corbin Fisher before, both in solo scenes and play sessions with other guys, doing a variety of things. They had a sneaking suspiscion that it was only a matter of time before Corbin asked them to consumate their friendship on camera. They both admitted to be freaked out and intrigued by it. But they do fine, and there's an amazing cum shot with TJ sitting on the couch, Ben leans his back against his buddy, and then, TJ jacks off his buddy. Ben has his hand rested on TJ's foot and TJ jacks off his best friend. It's so hot and romantic at the same time. If these guys weren't made for each, then I don't know, my match making skills have gone to pot.

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