Bentley Race: Fucking Florian

Ben X from Bentley Race finally got to meet the beautiful Euro stud Florian last week. He had moved to Melbourne a few years back, but for some reason the two could not meet due to scheduling conflicts. Finally, after messaging one another for a while online, they decided it was time to meet for a few beers. After working out the details and whatnot, the decision was made to get a shoot going. The photo session was hot for sure, however, the video scene was out of this world! When Florian got a hold of Ben's feet and started sucking on them, Ben got a hardon like he'd never experienced before. Of course the Euro hunk could not leave his pal in such a state. He sucked his cock like some kind of starved demon. Once Ben saw how much this young man was into it all, he bent him over in all kinds of different postions and fucked his hot ass into oblivion. Bentley Race rocks!!

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