bentley race - folsom street fair

One of my, well Gaydemon's favorite sites and its owner and model Bentley Race mentioned that he is going to San Francisco and Folsom Street Fair this September (world's largest annual Leather event in SF).

Bentley Race sent over these pictures from last years trip.

bentley race

It certainly looks like he had a blast last year.. no wonder he is going back!

bentely race

Or as Bentley put it:

"I was lucky enough to be in the city last year for the Fair and had a mate follow me around

take photos for me. We had the absolute best time! It was the first time I had sucked my cock and pissed on another guy in public! It turned out to be a pretty wild day!"

bentley race

Keep an eye open for Bentley, im sure he would love the attention if you see him!

bentley race

To find out more about Bentley and what he gets up to, visit his own site: Bentley Race.

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