bent con

If you look closely in the graphic above you should see something familiar. That's right, that's the GayDemon devil and it was drawn by artist Patrick Fillion. Bent-Con is a conference being held in Los Angeles from November 30 to December 2 and it brings together the largest collect of LGBT comic book, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror geeks in one place.

The event was launched in 2010; this will be the third conference and it'll be held at Burbank Marriott and Convention Center in Los Angeles. But the conference isn't just open to LGBTQ's, it's called Bent-Con because it's not straight, although if you are straight, you're more than welcome.

The conference brings together fans with artists, writers, publishers, collectors, and a whole lot more. Think of it as Comic-Con only gayer. For a full list of exhibitors and guests, head over to Bent-Con.

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