There is no denying that model Benjamin Godfre is one of the most desired men in the gay world. There is something undeniably sexy about this hunk. From his hypnotic blue eyes to a body that would make a Greek God all shades of jealous, this dude has got something that sets him apart from other male models, and this is probably why he is so popular.

In the past, Benjamin had always teased us with very sexy shoots for underwear companies such as Timoteo. Some of those pics left very little to the imagination but we were always left wondering, when the hell is he gonna show us the goods?

Well, unless you were living under a rock, then you obviously know about Benjamin's wank video that made a huge splash during the summer and this leads me to a question most gays are asking themselves: when is a porn company gonna dish out the big bucks and get him to do porn?! I think he would be very, very popular and a mega porn star.

Benjamin has his own blog where he uploads videos of him waking up in the morning (looking incredibly hot, even before a shower!), talking to his fans and in his last video he announced that he has some big news to announce very soon! Could this be the news that we have all been waiting for? His porn debut? Well, we can't wait to hear the news!

For more, more, more of Benjamin visit his official blog and follow this hot as fuck stud on twitter: @benjamingodfre

(Photo credit: Rick Day)

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