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Getting in a great workout sometimes involves having a hardnosed trainer who knows how to put you through your rigors and keep your nose to the grind until the desired results have been achieved, and that's just what Ben Taylor does for James Grant in this hot Club Eurocreme session where Grant is about to be taught a lesson. Taylor proposes to get Grant's ass in tip top fuckable condition and uses brute force as well as drill sergeant tone of voice to get Taylor pumping his muscles with sit ups.

Taylor twirls Grant over on his belly and starts pumping his ass so full of cock that it looks like Grant is being pounding into the ground. Get into the action as Taylor gives Grant's asshole the kind of work it deserves. You'll enjoy every gloriously deep stroke that makes it seem like Grant is about to be fucked into unconsciousness. If you love watching a hot workout that gets your guys pumped up and all nutted out, Ben Taylor and James Grant definitely have something to show you.

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