New York Straight Men's old friend Donal has returned, much to our delight both as viewers and cocksuckers. Its been over a year since we last saw him. He is still a mechanic up near Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx. He has had a few girlfriends since we last saw him, but now he is in between "bitches" as he calls them. The last time Donal got a bj from a guy was with NYSM. So he was long overdue for a decent sucking. Ben who has lusted after Donal for some time, was only too happy to get on his knees and get to work! He sucked, slurped and licked Donal's cock and balls like there was no tomorrow. Donal enjoyed it all in stride, as to him, Ben was just another cocksucker. Just a mouth that he needed to use. When the time came, Donal just dumped his load all over Ben. He might have been thought of as just another cocksucker, but Ben sure was a happy one!


Ben sure has a great job. All these super hot straight guys to suck off. I would think that his work is never done either as there aren't many men who will turn down a good blowjob. Especially from someone as experienced as our boy Ben here.


Donal knows what we like to see. He's having a blast while Ben worships his big hairy balls. His big old mischievous grin is reminiscent of the cat that swallowed the bird. He He.


Ben does cum clean up with his hungry tongue. You have to know he had a hell of a time with that big fat uncut dick. And we all know that Dolan had a blast with that big smile on his face and a lap full of man spunk. New York Straight Men have done it again with this new video and photo shoot. Let's thank them, the dudes that like to suck cock, and the straight guys that like to be sucked in front of the camera for all of us.

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