Ben & Issac are *GIGOLO*  Sluts!

Back in the olden days (A.K.A a year ago) most would think that going to a club would involve the typical drinking, dancing and, if you were lucky, sucking face with some random gay, but now thanks to club night *GIGOLO* in London, that has all changed.

Now, not only can you get drunk and make out with that random homo whose name you won't remember 5 minutes after he tells you, but you can also see the likes of BEAR-LICIOUS Ben Brown and sexy bad-boy Issac Jones getting down and dirty on the dance floor! But this is no prepared show or anything staged like that, no my lovely gays, this is downright slutty behavior at its whoriest!

Ben Brown and Issac Jones get naked on the dance floor at London's Gigolo

When I said down and dirty on the dance floor, I really meant it! Issac just could not resist Ben's tight furry hole so, what did he decide to do? Well, of course pull Ben's shorts down and start giving him a good ol' tongue session right then and there for everyone to enjoy! It truly was a SLUT-TACULAR night and every one in attendance could not get enough of these two & their wild and crazy sexual antics on the floor!

Next up for *GIGOLO* , American porn hunks Cavin Knight, Tristan Jaxx will be hosting the last week of February. So you know that is going to be a massively hot and sexy time! And if Issac Jones is there too then, you can bet your bottom dildo it will be trashy and slutty!

(Photo Credit: SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK)

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