Ben Cohen Makes Money With His Undies

There's certainly no shortage of pics of rugby hunk Ben Cohen in his underwear. The guy has practically made a career of pouring his hot, hairy body into a pair of skimpy skivvies. Damn, he's even posed for his own beefcake calendar! And he's certainly not a gay porn star (rats!). But for all the good works this superstud does for the LGBT community, we feel like someone should make him an honorary fag. So, why not GayDemon!? We're happy to bestow the title on big Ben, especially considering that the husky Brit recently partnered with Bluebuck for an exclusive underwear line in support of the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. This charity raises awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying and supports those who work to stamp it out, along with homophobia in the sports world. The 33-year-old activist has got a wife (rats again!) and two kids, but he quit playing ball last year so he could travel the world to help the gays. This makes him a winner in our eyes. Somebody give Ben Cohen a plaque!

To learn more about the StandUp Foundation, click here.

Rugby star Ben Cohen in his underwear

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