Bel Ami Taboo

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, you wanted to describe athletic, muscular twins who not only admire each other but *cough* admire each other: They fondle each other's biceps and date each other and, I don't know, lick each other's anuses in perpetuity. Personally, I prefer fraternal twins for that flavor of kink but there are billions upon billions of people who think quite the opposite and J.C. Adams has the enviable task of writing about them and a lot more over at Bel Ami where he serves as a media consultant to founder George Duroy. And his perspective hit the other day and it's worth rewinding the clock a bit to examine just why Bel Ami became a whole lot more...earthbound.

As many of you know, J.C. Adams is the founder and editor of, one of a handful of go-to sites for the gay porn industry, and he was recently given the opportunity to write about what he does for Bel Ami. And short of massaging the sphincters of Bel Ami models, Adams has the damn good fortune, talent and storytelling ability to construct a really good look behind the scenes of one of the five biggest gay porn companies in the world.

It's no secret that Bel Ami has hand-perfected the Eastern Europe hunk, that smooth, muscular, well-hung and flawlessly constructed mix of rich vanilla and protein that has come to symbolize Eastern Europe masculinity as a whole. But did you also know that many of the performers consider themselves straight - girlfriends, wives and - gulp - babies in tow - and that their views on physical intimacy between men - encouraged apparently - are considered neither faggy nor cause for alarm. There's actually much more to unearth but whenever I see someone from the gay porn industry given the chance to reach a wider (read: mainstream) audience, my flags fly at full mast.

Actually, to be fair, there's a lot more and to feel the full effect you need to read the whole thing for yourself and from the beginning. But until J.C. Adams steps down as media journeyman for the boys of Bel Ami, you're going to have to do a little vicarious piggybacking on one the gay porn industry's best teller of tales.

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