Bel Ami Bella

I always think of the Ridley Scott film 'White Squall' as a Bel Ami production without the sex, but only just. So when you find a place like Bel Ami Bella it's a bit like watching heartthrob superstars of the silver screen, but with their clothes off. Sorry if that sounds a bit muddled but that's what happens when I see a huge collection of Bel Ami models; my brain turns to mush and my legs to jelly.

What you've got here is actually one huge, delicious advertisement - or perhaps homage would be the right term. It's a collection of images of some of the company's top European models showing moments from some of their hardcore and solo scenes from their exclusive videos and DVDs. It is also an updated blog that shows these images in date order, and it's made up of a huge long page dating back ages. You can check out what's new from the company and the site from these pics, and the side bar links take you directly over the membership site tour. Here you can sign up and join the huge party where the twinks and smooth European jocks are the stars of this world famous site and company.

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