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Ever wondered what naughty things porn stars get up to when they AREN'T on script? On The Hunt is here to give you a *taste*.

Chaucer (or somebody) once said, "Idle hands are the devil's tools." More importantly, Lisa Lampanelli once said, "Andy Dick is so gay, he can tell the flavor of a popsicle just by sitting on it." On a hot hot shoot in Austin, everyone was looking for a way to cool down. During some down time on a recent On The Hunt shoot, we decided to play around with Aston and see how many other things could be done with a popsicle. He jumped (or jumped on) to the challenge without a second thought. In this exclusive behind the scenes footage, we show you things that only the producers had ever seen... till now! Witness a candid moment that, while not the right "flavor" for On The Hunt, will definitely make your mouth water. Bone Appetit!

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