I'm a sucker for porn that includes some behind the scenes pics. It makes everything seem more human to me and that makes it hotter. After all, life isn't a pictorial from a magazine, so why shouldn't we see people undressing or see the photographers or the less perfect moments?

This is a shoot of Leon done for Bentley Race. The first pic is a perfectly posed pic, but the next one shows the model as he is taking off his tight shorts, and that just can't be done perfectly.

Here's Leon caught with his pants down during the beach shoot ;) It's a lot more spontaneous than the posed shot, and that's what I like to see. I like seeing the unplanned moments, the ones that no one is telling the model what to do or how to look...


And now the shoot moves to another spot. Leon is naked and showing off his ass in front of an SUV. Gotta love that outdoor stuff - it's riskier, and that's always hotter.


And here is the photographer from Bentley Race in action as Leon strokes his cock for the camera. Yum!


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